What do we do?


Drone owners will be able to register themselves and their drones. Drone pilots will be able to register their licences. Governmental institutions will be able to use U1 to keep oversight. They can see the drone owners, pilots and drones. Additionally they can see the drone status updates and location. The U1 will also have geofences to a certain degree. Meaning that when a drone enters a prohibited area the pilot will get a message telling them to return to legal flying space.

With U2 we will be able to implement geofences to a further extend. This means that when a drone enters an area where it is not allowed to be it will be redirected to a fly-zone . U2 will also be able to provide advice concerning the weather. On top of that users will be able to enter their flight paths and get real time permission for their flight plans. In case two drones are in a collision course we will be able to intervene and avoid the collision. 



U3 will be able to enact dynamic geofencing. Meaning that people can request a geofence at a certain location for a certain amount of time. We will be able to merge drone flight data with other flight data, like airplane and helicopter to create a united airspace.

U4 will be a united and well-controlled airspace. Drones can automatically avoid no-fly zones and each other. The proper institutions can oversee all air traffic. Furthermore users will be able to enter flight paths and receive weather updates and advice on regulations. As well as proper authorization.



U5 is our own addition to the current UTM system. With it the system will be able to control the drones. If for example a collision in imminent the system divert the paths to avoid it.  We also want to implement a learning component where droneroutes are registered and with this the system can optimise flight paths. Additionally when there is a drone flying where it shouldn’t the system can detect it and contacts the proper authorities. Lastly we want to have vertical landing spaces. For example people can give permission to use their garden for deliveries.