Drone acceptance

A lot is changing in 2022. Where first one never saw a drone flying around, the airspace will soon be filled with drones. This change will be guided by the government. The risk that drones will not be accepted is big, because people are not used to this new scenario. That could be fatal for the drone industry.

That is why acceptance is incredibly important. We are working with people, for example by being able to indicate their preference pertaining drone around their property. Furthermore, we are of the opinion that the social benefit of drones should be more widespread. For example by using drone swarms for missing people searches or by performing drone shows.

Drone lightshows

Besides functional uses drones can also be used as entertainment. Our sistercompany “Drotics” organizes drone lightshows. The skills needed to fly a swarm drones in a limited airspace are quite similar to the skills needed to control several drones in the U-space, thus very similar to operating a UTM system safely.